In 2005, Mickaël Azoulay launched the French brand American Vintage. Instinctive and curious he sought inspiration in the streets of the world. He soon surrounded himself with fashion designers and worked on revisiting the basic T-shirts. He brought T-shirts, the essentials of every woman's wardrobe, back on the fashion front scene. Clearly on trend, collections are designed in a style oozing with purity and authentic simplicity. In constant search for new materials and skillful blends of natural fibers, styles are developped like fine and delicate body covers. Basics are putting on a rich color palette of original pigmentary tones.



ORIGIN : Greece

WEBSITE : www.niso.fashion 

SOCIAL MEDIA : Instagram


In Greek mythology the Nereids are sea nymphs, daughters of Nereus and Doris. They often accompany Poseidon, the god of sea and are particularly associated with the Aegean Sea. Nisώ, one of the 50 Nereids, has under her responsibility the Greek islands. Nisώ has lived in our thoughts and dreams for many years now, through our love for creation and beauty. Finally, it’s time for Nisώ to emerge as a real woman. The Nisώ woman is beautiful, powerful and sensual. She has a love and appreciation for art and nature. Join us on our journey and bring out the sea nymph you have inside you!





More than a brand, the best words to describe Reiko is trendy and fashionable, however it reinvented a new way of basic pant vision, on the cutting edge of fashion. The design of collection is fitted at each seasonal trends and its goal: always be creative and so chic.





Art, architecture, drawing, photography and travels are Suncoo’s source of inspiration, playing with fashion trends and with the desire to offer women a feminine, rich and varied wardrobe. Knitwear has become Suncoo’s signature, displaying patterns, mixing colors and using various blends of fabrics. Everyday pieces, easy to adapt to the modern young women’s wardrobe are created to become timeless and affordable garments for today’s fashion forward and modern young woman.




"The Mediterranean inspires passion like no other place."

It's from this passion that Mr Mood was born - as a brand willing to capture
this summery mood and translate it into clothing. It is all about the
sensibilities to us. Our pieces are as colorful as the natural tones of the
Mediterranean landscape, our cuts compliment the human silhouette just as
the smooth breeze compliments the bare sun. Our patterns and details are
just as bold as they are unassuming, exactly as the finest things about the
Mediterranean culture.





Gertrude : [DEF] a yesteryear French name for a girl who still follows the fashion trends. Gertrude is a character with a strong personality, she is not afraid of winter, she likes summer, because she always know what to wear. That’s why, she must travel through time, since her singular and innovative style comes from the crossroads of ages. She is the only one able to make such subtle combinations of cuts, colors and materials. For her, down jackets have no more secret. She likes them feminine and authentic, for an urban, casual chic or sensual look.





Brazil is well-known for its sun, beaches, its passion for football but also for its fashion and its affection for plastic sandals. Fashion agents and producers happen to invest more and more in Brazil. Brazil proposes a fabrication, “made in Brazil” with a colorful concept. A mix of modern and traditional fashion, Brazil responds to the need of our clients. Far from glittery cliches, the Brazilian fashion offers many declinations. The Brazilian inspiration scares off other countries. Therefore, the fluo colours and tropical prints is the essential element for the European fashion. The plastic sandals and Brazilian bracelets are rare pieces.