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In 2005, Mickaël Azoulay launched the French brand American Vintage. Instinctive and curious he sought inspiration in the streets of the world. He soon surrounded himself with fashion designers and worked on revisiting the basic T-shirts. He brought T-shirts, the essentials of every woman's wardrobe, back on the fashion front scene. Clearly on trend, collections are designed in a style oozing with purity and authentic simplicity. In constant search for new materials and skillful blends of natural fibers, styles are developped like fine and delicate body covers. Basics are putting on a rich color palette of original pigmentary tones.

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BRAEZ may not clean or clear the minds and hearts of the people. However, we promise to create room for you to move forward, to help you live your life to the fullest potential by designing spacious, soft and silky clothing just like a second skin for you. What we aim is to make our clothes stay relevant over time, to provide a solution not just short-term fashion. We design and manufacture clothes that fit all times of your day; be it at the gym, at a night club, in bed, on the couch, on the street or at work. As BRAEZ, we would like to assist you overcome the obstacle of being what you wear by handing you the key for being comfortable with what you already are.

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Brazil is well-known for its sun, beaches, its passion for football but also for its fashion and its affection for plastic sandals. Fashion agents and producers happen to invest more and more in Brazil. Brazil proposes a fabrication, “made in Brazil” with a colourful concept. A mix of modern and traditional fashion, Brazil responds to the need of our clients. Far from glittery cliches, the Brazilian fashion offers many declinations.

The Brazilian inspiration scares off other countries. Therefore, the fluo colours and tropical prints is the essential element for the European fashion. The plastic sandals and Brazilian bracelets are rare pieces. It fits perfectly, you are in the right place.

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ELAN International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of young contemporary collections including lounge, resort and sportswear. The founders and designers, Elan and his wife Galit, bring an international edge to their collections. Their strength comes from an insight into the latest trends in global fashion. Their products are both imported and made in the USA. ELAN has built its reputation around customer service, flexibility, and excellent quality at competitive pricing. The company appeals to the active woman with a sense of style who appreciates value without compromising quality. Each season, ELAN provides fashionable clothing in high quality comfortable fabrics featuring flattering silhouettes with a relaxed fit.


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Gertrude : [DEF] a yesteryear French name for a girl who still follows the fashion trends. Gertrude is a character with a strong personality, she is not afraid of winter, she likes summer, because she always know what to wear. That’s why, she must travel through time, since her singular and innovative style comes from the crossroads of ages. She is the only one able to make such subtle combinations of cuts, colors and materials. For her, down jackets have no more secret. She likes them feminine and authentic, for an urban, casual chic or sensual look.

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HIPANEMA come into being after two Parisian girls met in Rio. Inspired by colors den during their travels, the two young blondes from Paris decided to bring back some Brazilian glamour in their suitcases. Apart from being the "must have" of summer 2012, the HIPANEMA bracelet is a revolutionary concept for all fashionistas wearing trinkets on their wrists.

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Sunglasses are the ideal accessory for anyone who wants to show off their fashion flair while protecting their eyes from the sun. When it comes to designing sunglasses, no one does it better than IYÜ Design. Their catchy, fashion forward styles lend themselves to all sorts of occasions. Whether you're cruising around in a convertible or spending time at the beach, there will be an IYÜ Design pair of sunglasses that are perfect for you. Blending fashion and function with gorgeous designs, this company is pushing the boundaries of what people can expect. IYÜ Design knows how to combine iconic shapes and prints with sensational style.

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"Mai 68" is a trademark whose character is as strong as the name evokes. A movement that transcribes flowing natural materials, veils of transparent cotton, lace... 
Because it is important to remember that it is never too late to feel close to nature and simply free.

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More than a brand, the best words to describe Reiko is trendy and fashionable, however it reinvented a new way of basic pant vision, on the cutting edge of fashion. The design of collection is fitted at each seasonal trends and its goal: always be creative and so chic.

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The Halfon Family founded SACK'S in 1983 with a vision of creating a global fashion house with a stylish, luxury line for the contemporary consumer. 
As the company grew, the implementation of modern management methods, a keen sense of design, and effective marketing helped create a fresh, fashion-conscious brand. In 2007 the Fox Group partnered with the Halfon Family to become a 50% owner of SACK'S. 
Today, SACK'S works with a wide network of distributors and its unique designs can be found in over 1000 stores in 14 European countries and other global locations. Over the years SACK'S has gained a reputation for creating trendsetting collections that utilize the finest quality raw materials such as pure cotton, silk, cashmere and more.


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Art, architecture, drawing, photography and travels are Suncoo’s source of inspiration, playing with fashion trends and with the desire to offer women a feminine, rich and varied wardrobe. Knitwear has become Suncoo’s signature, displaying patterns, mixing colors and using various blends of fabrics. Everyday pieces, easy to adapt to the modern young women’s wardrobe are created to become timeless and affordable garments for today’s fashion forward and modern young woman.

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Sundress was founded by Estelle in Juan-les-Pins in 2014. After began her fashion career with Nina Ricci, she launched her own brand using inspiration from her travelling experiences.Our collection is sophisticated yet casual and chic. The design concepts are both functionally and aesthetically versatile.
The garments incorporate easy-to-wear transitional pieces with a glimpse of colourful hand embroidery details that add personality and solid brand image for SUNDRESS.
The colorful color palettes give off a fun and playful vibe for the garments. Her style is effortlessly chic, colorful and playful yet bold and feminine.

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